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  • PWEA Mini-Grant Winners


  • PWEA-Nominated Local Activist wins VEA Award

    PWEA was proud to nominate Adelle Settle, founder of "Settle the Debt" for the VEA Fitz Turner Award for Outstanding Contributions in Intergroup Relations.

  • PWEA Election Results

    The elections committee met on Saturday May 16 to count ballots for PWEA President and Vice President.

  • PWEA Operation Hours

    Beginning on Monday, March 23rd, staff in the PWEA office will be working remotely. 

    PWEA is committed to the needs of our members and we will continue to provide assistance. 

    The communication and collaboration between PWEA and PWCS continues, and we will share updates as they come. 

    Thank you for your patience as we make our way through this unexpected journey.

  • PWEA Mini-Grant Winners

    Congratulations to four PWEA Members who received a PWEA Mini-Grant

  • #Red4Ed Shirts

    Do you need a red shirt?

  • Member Time

    Members are invited to address the PWEA Board of Directors at their meetings.  

  • How is PWCS Funded?

    Our goal is to educate PWEA members and community members on the budget process and revenue sharing agreement. 

  • PWEA Members Appointed to VEA Committees

    Feel free to contact the members with comments or concerns to take to their committee.

  • It's About Time

    Check this page for updates on It's About Our Time Campaign.

  • Class Size Campaign Resources

    We invite you to join us in our work. We have put together a  list of resources including handouts, a petition, a Facebook group and your stories to help us communicate the difficulties faced in overcrowded classrooms.  

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